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About Down Gin Lane

Down Gin Lane (DGL) began as a conversation about gin around a barbecue between friends (founders Paul and Lindsay). This then turned into a business that sells a new bottle of gin every month. Their gin comes from local distilleries all across Australia. They are passionate about driving the craft distilling scene in Australia with premium quality products.


What They Wanted to Achieve

Down Gin Lane set out to establish themselves in the online space. They aimed to do this with a membership program on a user-friendly website that was mobile accessible. DGL needed an automated sales funnel that easily guided their customers through the membership experience.

Down Gin Lane Mobile - Digital Objectives

They dreamed of running DGL as a sustainable business that could scale and grow.

DGL required a billing cycle that landed on the same date of the month for every customer. E.g. when someone signs up on the 3rd, the charge would be on the 28th just like every other subscriber.

As they were selling alcohol, it was crucial to have a system that would prevent selling alcohol to minors.

Down Gin Lane had planned out a business model that was unlike any other website at the time. Having had plenty of experience using CRM-based software and constantly keeping up-to-date with this ever-expanding industry, the team at Digital Objectives were well qualified for the task.

What We Did

In their early days, Down Gin Lane had created a website that didn’t suit their basic needs. The website lacked a membership process and working checkout system. The team at Digital Objectives were contacted to build this process and to add a sales process, online checkout system and a CRM system that would lift their business off the ground and provide a sustainable future.

As we at Digital Objectives were tasked with building the membership process, we refused to be content with simply coming up with a few price points for various time periods. It was important that the team considered every possible scenario, failed payments and cancelled memberships being scenarios that Down Gin Lane admitted to never even considering. This process is something that saves DGL HOURS each and every week.

We at Digital Objectives had also made a system which ensures that Down Gin Lane were only selling to people who were at least 18 years old. Anyone can buy things online, but the team at Digital Objectives came up with an internal form through Ontraport for the customer to fill out.

Down Gin Lane Checkout - Digital Objectives

The form charges a $1 fee to the customer once they fill out and submit the form. This is so they can verify that the customer is over the age of 18. Once all of the information has been confirmed, the customer will receive a $1 refund and they will be put on the next billing cycle.

Digital Objectives strongly believes that having all necessary automation and content ready for any foreseeable situation is crucial to building a seamless membership experience.

Initially, Down Gin Lane wanted to commit to the idea of “bootstrapping” (the idea of starting up a business with minimal financial resources). They soon realized that cutting corners when building their website would not be ideal for the longevity of the business.


“There’s a point where trying to minimize your upfront costs ends up costing you more.”

Lindsay Silcox, Co-Founder of Down Gin Lane


The team at Digital Objectives completed the task in just under three weeks. DGL expected the task to take three months to complete. Consequently, this saved DGL a lot of time and money leading up to their launch in early December 2015.

The team at Digital Objectives set up a referral program that allowed customers to refer their friends and family and receive a 10% discount on their next month’s gin. We also set up a gift page where people can buy membership packages as gifts for others.


Results Down Gin Lane - Digital Objectives

Through no paid advertising, DGL’s membership program has turned them into a fully sustainable business that continues to grow.

The team at Digital Objectives is responsible for regular website maintenance that ensures a secure and user-friendly customer experience.

If the team at DGL start another task, they could reuse the membership; whether that be for the same website selling other products, or an entirely different website.

Down Gin Lane has seen a healthy growth since the membership program was established:

  • The website has currently generated over 200 active paying happy members from the ground up.
  • Referral program has doubled their memberships by only costing them 10% per month (per customer).
  • Gift page has seen a 500% gross return.

Since beginning to work with Digital Objectives, the founders of Down Gin Lane were able to turn their small conversationinto a thriving business…


“Digital Objectives are proactive and energetic about what they do which I think is really confidence-building for any client. They know their stuff… It was pretty obvious that they could pinpoint what the solution was early on at the time which was fantastic.”

Lindsay Silcox, Co-Founder of Down Gin Lane


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