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About Roots and Shoots

Roots and Shoots are a youth-led action program that is actively making a difference to the wellbeing of our environment in nearly 100 countries around the world. They are striving to build upon Dr. Jane Goodall’s legacy and vision for the betterment of our world.

What They Wanted to Achieve

The Roots and Shoots organisation wanted a website that was clean and beautiful, encouraging the youth of Australia to join an active program that aimed to look after the health and wellbeing of our world.

Roots and Shoots requested a grid-like layout for clean and intuitive interaction. They simply wanted their website to be inviting and easy to navigate through for people of all ages. The information was to be at the forefront of the homepage and easily accessible. Roots and Shoots needed the “donate” and “sign up” options at the top of the homepage for ease of use.

Roots and Shoots required a complete restructure and redesign of their website and to focus more on encouraging the youth of Australia to get involved. They needed the “Get Involved” page to be redirected and show affiliation with The Jane Goodall Institute Australia. 

Jane Goodall was coming to Australia 12 month before we started on this project. It was crucial that this website was up for when she arrived.

Roots and Shoots Case Study - Digital Objectives

Roots and Shoots Case Study - Digital Objectives

What We Did

When designing this website, we at Digital Objectives set out to build a clean and responsive website. We used a similar theme as Janegoodall.org.au to establish design affiliation between all aspects of their organisations. As a donation to the Roots and Shoots organisation, we at Digital Objectives were proud to undertake this task to support a great cause.  

The goal of the website was to speak to a younger audience. The team at Digital Objectives created an entire page about the youth leaders at Roots and Shoots. Next to each youth leader is an inspiring quote that demonstrates the importance of their work. The team at Digital Objectives felt as though this was very important as building a community begins with introducing those who strive to make a difference.

The team at Digital Objectives built a custom designed website for Roots and Shoots that is entirely unique and cannot be bought. We wanted to give the Roots and Shoots website its own unique presentation.

Mobile-responsiveness was especially crucial for this website in particular as the target audience is young people who predominately use phones and tablets to access and navigate through these websites.


Results Down Gin Lane - Digital ObjectivesWe at Digital Objectives have created a clean website that makes it easy to display their content and encourages people to get involved with Roots and Shoots.  

Roots and Shoots has so far been a successful organisation that continuously encourages the wellbeing of our environment. The website regularly receives a consistent flow of traffic. We at Digital Objectives are proud to say that the site has since ran without a hitch.

The team at Digital Objectives are proud to say that the Roots and Shoots website effectively represents their brand. As a result, the website shows off what they have achieved as an organisation and what it aims to do.

Group leaders are able to post content of their own campaigns to the website. This aims to share their stories and increase awareness about their cause.

At first, the Roots and Shoots website was lacking branding and a lot of functionality. As a result, the team at Digital Objectives has transformed their website and it now effectively represents their brand and achieves its purposes.


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