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About The Wholefood Collective

The Wholefood Collective (TWC) set out to provide healthy, natural and organic food that is affordable for everyone. They aim to do this by providing collective memberships – a model to leverage group orders at great prices.

The Wholefood Collective was founded in October 2015 by its founder, Laini. It all started by importing coconut oil at a better price. As others grew interested, Laini realised that there was a business model focussed on providing healthy food at affordable prices. TWC aims to make an impact on the Australian health food industry by providing great products at even better prices.


The Objective

To achieve all that The Wholefood Collective wanted, they required a website with a marketing strategy that supported membership programs and the level of growth that they intended. TWC began to outgrow their original website very quickly which resulted in not fulfilling their needs for their expanding business. They felt as though their original website had limited functionality, lacked design, had a poor user experience and wasn’t able to handle the features that they desired.

The website required not only to be fast and responsive load times but also a whole new design and layout with a focus on user experience for their customers.

The Wholefood Collective business model turned into a membership model, which meant the website needed the ability to support subscriptions and memberships providing customers up to 50% discount on some items and access to exclusive content such as online cooking classes, yoga courses, and other various courses.

The Wholefood Collective also wanted to really pay closer attention to the way they search for their favourite products. The new website must have better categorisation for products, product filtering, improved search and more information on each product.

The TWC inventory list was rapidly expanding. It wasn’t like they were just selling coconut oil anymore, they now have over 400 products to display. They needed their website to have a much more efficient method of displaying their products as well as the ability to connect to their inventory management software for automatic sync.

Email marketing was also a large focus. This would allow TWC to introduce new shoppers to the new store and model, add value through their content and listening to what their eating preference is by having the system to take note on what they click on and purchase. The website also must have a strategy in cart abandonment to recover shoppers who have not fulfilled their orders.

Lastly, TWC’s goal was to not only provide high-quality food at affordable prices for Australians but to also help people to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle by producing great content through their blog and also a recipes section where people can filter based on their eating preferences.

The Project

The Design

The first step in tackling this project was to concentrate on the design of the website and the user experience. We at Digital Objectives were adamant on building a custom-designed website on WordPress that was unique to The Wholefood Collective and their brand. We created unique icons for each category and presented them effectively in the theme of the website. The icons allowed us to visually display the primary product categories which were used on various pages and marketing emails allowing customers to filter and vote on their shopping and eating values. This was very important as we believed that content should specific to what the customer is actually interested in making TWC’s messages relevant.


The website also needed to be flexible for the sake of longevity. As an e-commerce website with a large and growing inventory list, it needed to have means of possible changes, whether that be adding more products, new filtering options, and new pages. The products also needed different pricing based on what member you are such as full RRP price, Casual member pricing and paying member pricing. The website also had to provide a different experience to logged in paying members to non-members.

When the customer is shopping on the TWC website, we created a wishlist system so that customers could save items into lists so that they could be repurchase again in the future rather than finding the individual items again.

Product Browsing


The team at Digital Objectives took a different approach to browsing for products to simplify and ascend customers user

experience. When looking at TWC’s products, pagination (in other words, creating pages and pages of products to browse through) was not present on the website. When the customer is looking at a list of products on a page, instead of having to load a new page to view more, they can click the “Load More” button at the bottom of the website. They could also filter down their search by selecting as many filters as they like from the left-hand side which would refresh the product list rather than the whole page itself. As a result, this creates a much more user-friendly experience that allows for quicker browsing in an organised fashion.

Product Searchproduct-search-twc

We also wanted to improve product search. We believe that people are very familiar with the experience of a Google search. We wanted to replicate the same feeling when searching for something on Google onto TWC’s e-commerce website. To do this, we integrated a suggestion based search which would load products as you type. This saves customers from having to click ‘enter’ to then scroll through the search results and hope they would find what they’re looking for. With TWC’s search function, it will preview results allowing the customer to find what they want quickly and even add the product to cart straight from the search.

Product Transparencytwc-products-being-transperant

TWC valued transparency on their products. They wanted their customers to know what quality their food is, who the supplier is and a piece of mind of knowing exactly what they’re purchasing and feeding their family. We ensured that all products displayed their value that they were apart of, as well as their certification level, information about the product and also the supplier. TWC’s product page also gave shoppers the opportunity to write reviews straight onto the product page, add the item to their wishlist and share it on social media.

For Inventory Management, we integrated their e-commerce site with CIN7. This allows TWC to easily manage their extensive and ever-growing inventory list.

Giving Backgiving-back-twc

One of TWC’s core values is giving back to those who are in need. This is why a donation option at checkout was highlighted early on in the building process. All proceeds go to low-income families who cannot afford to eat as healthy as they’d like to.

Mobile Responsive and Speed

Making the website mobile-responsive and mobile-strategic was important so that TWC’s customers can shop on their website on the go. We at Digital Objectives optimized the checkout system for phones and tablets by having the shipping address connected to Google Maps for an easy automated experience.

Close attention was made to ensure that TWC’s new website loaded quickly. This was especially crucial for visitors to ensure everyone’s shopping experience is optimal.